Automodular is cheap

by It will fluctuate

I’ll explain why by pointing you to what others have written.

I fist learned about this company last year at Oddballstocks. It looked superficially cheap then, but Nate explained that its sources of revenue were at risk. He was right – today it seems like the company will soon have no work left to do.

A company is cheap if the discounted money it will ever make adds up to more than the current asking price. In this case that calculation is easier than usual as this spreadsheet by @Beutty  shows (I just called a guy a beauty! First step on the slippery slope to hell?).

So, today you’re paying $1.56 p/s, for something worth about $2.50 p/s. And maybe, if the stars smile on you and me, possibly more (at the end of this article is a sample of great possible developments – but don’t count on them, you ninny!).

Safety in Value, an unseasoned blogger like me, but unlike me a promising one, has also posted on this company.

Automodular trades as TSE:AM, and as OTCMKTS:AMZKF.

Long AM

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