Jewett-Cameron’s new director is the OWNER of Sequoia Capital!

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I swear I’m not lying…but it’s probably not the Sequoia Capital you’re thinking of: The full name of the company Mr. Frank Magdlen owns, together with two other gentlemen, is Sequoia Capital Group, and they do investment banking for small companies.

That sounds good for Jewett, who elected him to the Board a few months ago. Mr. Magdlen, a CFA, also seems to have quite a bit of experience valuing and investing in small companies.

It’s nice to see value investors and investment bankers elected to the boards of undervalued companies when there’s a chance they might prod an apathetic CEO to close the gap between value and price. Jewett’s CEO is the opposite of apathetic (look at the size of the buybacks!), but it’s still nice. 

Long JCTCF. 

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